The Bridge Home: The letters of gold

Kết quả hình ảnh cho the bridge home

The Bridge Home is a fictional but easy to relate book, written by American- Indian author Padma Venkatraman. She graduated from William and Mary University in Oceanology and she’s now working in Rhode Island University. She likes writing just as much as Science and Maths. She’s also known for her other famous works such as A Time To Dance, Island’s End and Climbing The Staircase. The book was released by Nancy Paulsen Books just last year. And just recently, this book just took the Golden Kite Award for Middle Grade/ Young Reader Fiction. Congratulations!

The book tells the story of Viji and Rukku, two siblings who manage to escape from their abusive father. Along the way they’ve met many dangerous people, but also really kind people as well . These kind people will join Viji and Rukku on a journey to freedom, the freedom in which pays.

For me, The Bridge Home is like I said before – an easy to relate book – because it tells you the current problems of India, even if the setting gives you 20th century vibes. The main characters are sympathetic and the plot is gripping but at the same time very emotional. Overall, nice work ! 4/5

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