The Sequel

Hello and welcome back to another movie review! Today I have for you guys one of the best movies of the previous year for me and that is Pokemon- Detective Pikachu. It tells a story of a guy named Tim Goodman who is on an adventure of finding his father. But an unexpected turn makes this not just a normal search run.

I must say, the quality of the movie is surprisingly good. I first thought that it was just a real-life version of the original Pokemon series, with no upgrades to the already good plot of the series . But apparently no! This time, director Rob Letterman has decided to take the adventure to the next level by adding other elements, the best example being the Torterra Garden.  Good job!

And you know a movie’s good when it features a quality roster. Ryan Reynolds, the same guy who played in Deadpool, voice- acted Detective Pikachu, one of our main characters of the movie. Tim Goodman, the son of Dectective Harry Goodman and the second main character of the movie played by Justice Smith. He also played in the critically- aclaimed Jurrasic World: Fallen World.

Overall, quality movie, but it could have used some extra scenes to make it more dramatic . 4/5 for me.

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