Photo essay about me, my school and my friends.

This is me, a typical 7th grade student. Not so typical actually. You see, I’m taller than nearly everybody in the class and not to brag, I’m exceptionally better in English than nearly everybody in the class.

In here, my friends are taking photos for a project of their own. And that means using a class which is having P.E as a background.

Well, this is interesting. My friend Nghia here looks like he’s about to turn into a mouse or some sort.

Here I have a board which is full of sketches about how to protect the environment. Don’t litter guys!

This is the main gate, although I don’t know what Hai Nam is doing.

But we better be quiet!

Although Halloween is over, we still enjoy the mural. So we decided to keep it.

My friend Duong here likes solving Rubik’s cubes, but not me. They are too complicated for me.

You can see that Quan ( the only guy in the photo) is up to no good here…

Remember the rules!

And that’s it. That is my photo essay. Goodbye.

Published by HaiMinh

i love memes and books.And music.And Games.

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